Glimmering Webs

2016 New Focus Recordings

featuring performances by Shiau-Uen ding, Augustus Arnone and Jacob Rhodebeck

Immolation Ritual

2010 Innova

featuring performances by Sukato, Marilyn Nonken, Gabriela Diaz, Maja Cerar, Shiau-Uen Ding, Jacob Barton, Juri Seo.

Perspectives Of New Music / OpenSpace CD 2

2010 Perspectives of New Music

Shiau-Uen Ding, piano, in Balladei. Also features Matthew Barber's Interface Chapel


2009 Konnex Records

with Carsten Radtke, guitar. Also featuring Berio's Sequenza for guitar, and some magnificent Bach.


2008 EMC (Electric Music Collective)

60X60 2005

2005 Vox Novus


2004 EMC (Electric Music Collective)


2003 EMC (Electric Music Collective)

ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) 1997

1998 ICMA