Brief introduction to Empty Theater, concerto for piano and string orchestra

This is 1 piece in my Dream Sequence meta-work, consisting of a series of large-scale works. (Also including Dream Mornings for orchestra — completed but never performed, Le Grand Guignol for orchestra with 5 conductors — and Radio Dish, which I am now (2022) working on.) A lot of my music, especially from the past 10 […]

Abstraction 6 Analysis

Here is an image with a bit of analysis of the pitch structure in Abstraction 6 for Saxophone and Electronics, specifically the opening few measures.  Based on a 9 -voice array.  Which is actually 3 3-voice all-partition arrays in counterpoint  ( 1 for the SHORT sax notes, 1 for the LONG sax notes, and 1 […]

The SCORE to Sand

Sand is an all-electronics work, but to help me enter all of the notes  into the score(s) for its virtual instruments, I made a full score of the piece.   Each stave is one of the 6 registers for one of the 3 pitched instruments,  as well as some staves for musique concrète sounds and the […]

The Sand Interface

The Sand Interface is an interactive way of exploring my work, Sand from 2002. You can set up loops, take apart the polyphony in a number of different ways, use it to explore the music, as a weird kind of DJ tool, whatever you like! You can see a demo of how to use it […]

About Timelash

This is an older post, I’ll be moving it into WordPress soon, but in the meantime, you can click to read about the Compositional Process in Timelash .

Chorale Species Counterpoint

A mini-textbook/pamphlet from some of my classes in 2007 and 2009/9. Yeah, sorry, at the moment, it’s a PDF.

About Sand

This is a link to 3 essays, which basically add up to my dissertation paper from 2002.  I’m not sure if I will bother to move this into WordPress, but in any case, you can read the paper(s) here.