The Sand Interface

The Sand Interface is an interactive way of exploring my work, Sand from 2002. You can set up loops, take apart the polyphony in a number of different ways, use it to explore the music, as a weird kind of DJ tool, whatever you like! You can see a demo of how to use it here.

Please do the following:

  1. Download MAX here (as of the time of writing, MAX 8 is the current version, hopefully it will continue to work in future versions as well. It was originally written in MAX 4 (!)).
  2. Note that while the full version of MAX is a paid software product, you can download and use it to play the Sand Interface (or any other MAX patches) for free, as long as you don’t want to save any new code or patches.
  3. Once you have MAX installed, download the interface itself here. The file is 1.2 GB. Sorry. It’s a big piece! (And come on, 1.2 GB is not that big in 2020. Imagine what it was like in 2002 when I finished this.)
  4. Unzip and extract the files.
  5. Double-click Uber or Uber.maxpat to run the interface.
  6. The interface should turn on your DAC, so that MAX can make sound, but you may need to go into Options/Audio Status to turn on your audio, or select your sound card if you have one, or whatever. You can email me if you get confused, zipzappoozoo At-At Gee Mail Dott Calm.
  7. It is 2020 as of writing this. If you are discovering this in 2025 and something doesn’t work anymore, email me and I will make an update.